Brian Pugh: Recognizing volunteer board service

Dear Neighbors:brian-pugh-group-cropped


After four years of volunteer service on the Village on the Bicycle Pedestrian Committee, Eliza McCarthy has stepped down as chair.  On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to thank her for her dedication to the Village of Croton.


As one of the Board’s liaisons to the BPC, I have had a front row seat to Eliza’s leadership.  She is a diplomatic builder of consensus and I think the BPC has benefited from her approach, especially as it has grown in recent years.


Under Eliza’s leadership, the BPC has (among other things):


  1. promoted cycling and walking at Earth Day, Summerfest tables and annual bike-education events at PVC;

  2. co-hosted and participated in Complete Streets training, learned about methods for experimenting with road enhancements, how to do walk/bike audits;

  3. supported the Village in reducing the speed limit in key areas to improve safety; and

  4. welcomed and supported many new committee members


The Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for the governance of the Village.  However, we rely on the guidance and support of advisory committees like the Bicycle Pedestrian Committee.


Committees like the BPC are comprised of residents donating their time to the community.  In addition to advising the Board, they perform other important functions, such as orchestrating grassroots education campaigns.


Service on these committees is not usually glamorous and it is always unpaid.  But these consultative groups play an important role in keeping the Board appraised of the feelings of the community and helping to formulate public policy.


The BPC is an essential component of democracy in our Village.  Thank you again to Eliza for your work on behalf of the community.




Brian Pugh

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