Ann Gallelli: What’s a sanctuary?

To the Editor,ann2016

Recently the Village Board received a resident request that given the current uncertainty about new federal policies regarding deportations, the Village become a “sanctuary” municipality.  

Croton is not alone in being asked to address this concern. Across the country and, indeed, across Westchester County, municipalities have been taking up this proposal. NYS Attorney General Schneiderman has issued guidance from his office on what municipalities can do to protect immigrant communities and not be in jeopardy with the federal government.   Recently, legislation was introduced in the County Legislature based on the Attorney General’s guidance, the “Immigrant Protection Act”.

While the definition of “sanctuary city” is variable depending upon where it is used, it seems to reflect a common intent for strong police community relations, especially among immigrant populations, by ensuring that local police can carry out their duties to enforce state and local law but do not assume responsibility for federal immigration law enforcement.

At the Village Board’s last meeting, the Mayor announced that this issue would be addressed at an upcoming work session.  Both the Village Attorney and Croton’s Police Chief have been asked to participate in this discussion.

Ann Gallelli

One thought on “Ann Gallelli: What’s a sanctuary?

  1. Alejandro

    Dear Ann,

    I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue with you directly if possible. We have some upcoming events that you may want to participate in. Many people are concerned. Thank you!


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