Rick Olver: A Mystery on Hollis Lane…or Another Croton United Conspiracy Theory?

Richard OlverAh, another Croton United conspiracy theory: “The mystery of Hollis Lane”. Paul Steinberg finds it fishy Croton should sell an excess piece of property through BidNet.  Just because you are unfamiliar with something doesn’t make it a conspiracy.
After the Board decided to sell a property in Cortlandt, staff sent out requests for proposals to five local developers, but received no replies. The Village has now sought bids through BidNet – we do our competitive bid requests through BidNet, a bid site for government.  And this way we could avoid paying a realtor – saving taxpayer dollars.  We don’t have to accept bids that are not adequate.  If this doesn’t work, we would then go to a realtor. And any transaction will have to be approved by the Board in a public meeting.
Paul does have one very good point: we should announce a sale like this publicly before we seek bids.  I’ve asked that we do so in future.
Rick Olver, Trustee

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