The value of diversity



Dear Neighbors,

It’s been only twice in the last 30 years that we’ve had an all-male Village Board. Some may ask “What’s the big deal?” Well, 30 years ago the answer probably would have been “nothing.” But decades of research tell us that diversity in organizations enhances their performance. The lack of it encourages insular thinking, void of perspective and vision.

So why is it that the Croton United Party, the “diverse coalition of Croton residents,” is unable to find a woman candidate for their slate of nominees for Village Board?

30 years on and women still run households. But also sit on boards, lead companies, and now can be nominated for the presidency of the United States.

Diversity brings creativity, innovation, & sometimes even compromise.

Do we really now want the all-male board that the Croton United Party is offering who would all think the same way?

The majority Croton United Party is already keeping us stagnant regarding the Village minimum wage and a past-its-prime Village fire truck. Not to mention the lost opportunity for household savings with Community Choice Aggregation. Let’s not go from stagnant to backward.

The Croton Democratic Party is proud to offer the effective, forward-thinking, & balanced slate of Trustee Ann Gallelli & Trustee Brian Pugh.

It really does take a village.


Dianne Dowling, Secretary, Croton Democratic Party



(Croton-on-Hudson, NY) – Ann Gallelli and Brian Pugh, who are running as a slate for two seats on the Croton Village Board of Trustees which are up for election this year, have won the support of the Democratic Party, the Women’s Equality Party, Working Families Party, and the Independence Party. They will be appearing on the ballot lines of all four parties in November.

“The Women’s Equality Party is proud to support candidates, like Ann Gallelli and Brian Pugh, who share our values and our vision for a fair New York for both women and men.  As we prepare to elect our first woman president this year, we particularly appreciate the qualities Ann Gallelli and Brian Pugh bring to the ticket as active and respected members of their communities who will bring positive change to Croton residents,” said Rachel Gold, Acting Chair of the Women’s Equality Party.

“The Independence party is results-oriented and non-ideological.  We endorse Democrats and Republicans.  We have chosen to endorse Ann Gallelli and Brian Pugh because they are proven, pragmatic problem-solvers.  I particularly applaud their support for 100% renewable energy for the community through the Westchester Power program,” said John Sarcone, Independence Party Coordinator for Northern Westchester.

“Having served conscientiously on both the Planning and Village Boards, Ann is a seasoned veteran of local government and familiar with Croton’s zoning and housing issues. As a sitting member of the Village Board and a recent graduate of Fordham Law School, Brian Pugh has the training to understand the issues facing the Village and be an effective advocate,” said Patrick Welsh Westchester-Putnam Working Families Party Chair, “It was clear from their interview with the endorsement committee of the WFP that they represent the values of working families. On behalf of all citizens who value these same goals, I urge you to vote for Ann Gallelli and Brian Pugh on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th.”

Ann Gallelli is a 40-year village resident, has served on the board of trustees since 2006 and is former Chair of the Croton Planning Board.  Brian Pugh is a native of the Village of Croton, works at a solar training nonprofit in Westchester and helped organize the 2011 referendum campaign that moved village elections from March to November—he was first elected to the Village Board in 2014.