Croton Democrats Endorsed by Westchester-Putnam Counties AFL-CIO Central Labor Body

To The Editor:

I am writing to share with your readers the endorsement of Mayor Brian Pugh and Trustee Sherry Horowitz by the Westchester-Putnam Counties AFL-CIO Central Labor Body as they seek re-election to the Board of Trustees for the Village of Croton.

The Westchester-Putnam Counties AFL-CIO is comprised of a diverse array of local labor unions representing workers in the private and public sector. The mission of the AFL-CIO Central Labor Council is to organize in the community to promote social justice for all working people.

The Central Labor Councils, chartered directly by the national AFL-CIO, determine policy on local issues, as well as working closely with the State and National AFL-CIO to carry out Federation priorities. As the voice of working people in the local community, the AFL-CIO Central Labor Council is the heart of the labor movement. By uniting the local community, the Councils play a critical role on local, state and national issues. In political and community action, the Central Labor Councils are “where the action is.”

In order to have obtained the WPCLB AFL-CIO Endorsement, Brian Pugh and Sherry Horowitz needed a 2/3 majority vote at last Wednesday’s delegate meeting.

We look forward to continue to work with Mayor Brian Pugh and Trustee Sherry Horowitz to improve the lives of working people in the Village of Croton and across Westchester and Putnam Counties. I hope that readers will take our endorsement into consideration on election day and cast their ballots for our endorsed candidates Tuesday, November 5.


Tom Carey, Westchester-Putnam Counties AFL-CIO, President

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