Brian Pugh: Croton Point Avenue Improvement Project Back On Track!

Dear Neighbors:brian-pugh-group-cropped

Earlier this year, the Board of Trustees for the Village of Croton rejected two bids for the Croton Point Avenue Improvement Project which came in over budget. Thankfully, last week the DoT informed the Village that they will extend state funding for the project – allowing us to re-bid the project.

The funds remain available during the 2020 construction season and NYSDOT would like the Village government to continue to advance the project.

The plans of the Croton Point Avenue Improvement Project include:

1. widening the US Route 9 southbound off-ramp to provide a right turn lane;
2. traffic signal installations at Veterans Plaza and the US Route 9 on and off ramps;
3. widening of Veterans Plaza to accommodate four-lane traffic flow at the station lot entrance;
4. bike lanes between the travel lane and the sidewalk; and
5. sidewalks on both sides of Croton Point Avenue.

This design would better regulate and rationalize one of our busiest roadways, and has been approved by the NYS Department of Transportation.

I am in favor of this improvement that will benefit all users of this busy roadway: motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. I am grateful for the public’s patience as we work to implement this long-anticipated project and look forward to when we can all share the benefits.


Brian Pugh, Mayor

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