Sherry Horowitz: Community Conversations

May 15, 2018sherry2017

Letter to the Editor

Before I was elected Trustee, I was an early member of the Croton Climate Initiative.  In fact, the major reason I decided to run for a position on the Village Board was to advance Croton along the road to a more environmentally sustainable future.  As a current friend of CCI, I can speak to the herculean efforts of its members to educate Croton residents on the environmental dangers of single use plastic bags and the merit in adopting a Reusable Bag Initiative for our community.  

That being said, I was very gratified to see so many CCI and Mothers Out Front members at the Village Board meeting on Wednesday night, May 9th, to strongly advocate for a Reusable Bag Initiative. The take away for me is that when people are passionate about an issue, when they come together to organize and advocate, they become incredibly powerful agents for change.  Grassroots organizations like CCI and MOF are perfect examples of this kind of people involvement in local affairs. And when elected officials listen to their constituents, and are responsive to their advocacy, there is tremendous potential to make good things happen.

So, thank you all for showing up and speaking up! And please keep on being involved and active in the life of the community we all call home!

Sincerely, Sherry Horowitz, Trustee, Village of Croton-on-Hudson

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