Ann Gallelli: Decoding Village Agendas No. 405

Dear neighbor, Here is the 405th installment of Decoding Village Agendas to keep Croton residents informed of the actions of the Village Board at their meetings.  I continue to add recipients to this email update on agendas so you may be receiving it for the first time. I enjoy getting your feedback and hope to continue to hear from you.  If you do not wish to receive these periodic email updates from me, please reply to this email and your name will be removed from the email list.

Ann Gallelli

Decoding Village Agendas –   May 14, 2018

Work Session of the Village Board

7: 30 p.m.

 (Open to Public and Televised



  • Review of existing resolution and possible expansion of Emergency Tenant Protection Act (ETPA). Chuck Lesnick of New York State Homes and Community Renewal to attend.   In 2003, the Village adopted a resolution to include Bari Manor under the ETPA.  It has 82 units and is the only existing housing covered under ETPA in the Village.  ETPA can be adopted  when there is a declared housing emergency which, by definition, means there is 5% or less vacancy rate of housing.  The ETPA can regulate buildings with 6 or more units.  The number set in the 2003 resolution was 50 units.   The board will discuss whether it should amend that number to a smaller number.    Currently there are just 4 locations with 6 or more units, (2 with 6, 1 with 7, 1 with 32). There are also 2 properties currently designated as Affordable Housing with 12 units each. Chuck Lesnick of NYS Homes and Community Renewal has been invited to attend and answer questions.




  • Discussion on how to move forward with proposed local law on affordable housing and charette scheduled for June 13.  The Village has a proposed local law on affordable housing which has been under discussion for several years in various forms.  The Board is planning to have a charrette ( a facilitated public meeting to discuss an issue or topic) on June 13 to discuss the Village’s needs with regard to housing.  The Board is considering the proposal by the Pace University Land Use Law Center to conduct such a charrette and facilitate the discussion with all interested residents.  It will cover the Village’s goals, needs, choices, existing housing stock, and regulations.  The cost to the Village for this service would be $1,000.


Existing affordable housing ordinances for Hastings, New Castle, Pound Ridge, Irvington and Rye Brook can be found on the Village website with the agenda for this meeting.


  • Discussion about proposed local law regulating solar installations within the Village.   The proposed local law would regulate  both Ground-Mounted and Large-Scale Solar Energy Systems that provide onsite energy and onsite and offsite energy respectively.
  • Discussion on changes to the existing village soliciting and canvassing laws.   The Village’s existing Solicitation law (Section 172 in the Village Code) is being reviewed.  Proposals made in 2015 have not yet been addressed. The Board will review and discuss current regulations regarding commercial and non-commercial solicitation, currently licensing, and options for residents to choose No Solicitation.




  • Discussion on consideration of Local Law Introductory No. 5 of 2018 to authorize a charitable gifts reserve fund tax credit.  In order to be compliant with the provisions of the charitable contribution provisions of the recently passed NYS Budget, the Village will discuss establishing a Charitable Contributions Reserve Fund.  Property owners would be able to make unrestricted charitable contributions to this fund and would be eligible to a credit  against their property tax of 95% of their contribution.    While the Village is moving ahead to satisfy the provisions of the NYS law, the federal IRS has not yet ruled on this use of a charitable contribution.




  • Discussion on Echo Canoe Launch parking issues.  The Board will discuss some of the parking issues associated with the Canoe Launch site on the Croton River. 





  • Review of Proposed Capital Budget for Fiscal Year 2018-19.  The prosed one-year Capital Plan calls for $1,737,000 in expenditures for the General Fund.  $800,000 would be bonded, $604,000 from Fund Balance, $245,000 in Bond Anticipation Notes (BANs) and $87,500 in grants. 



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