Ann Gallelli: Congratulations to Janet Meyer

Dear Neighbors:
Congratulations and kudos to Croton resident, Janet Meyer, and being nominated to the Westchester County Senior Hall of Fame.
Janet is a past President of the Croton Seniors Club and had the unfortunate job of leading the Seniors through most of the Covid pandemic years. Janet, working with others, was a key force in keeping the group together with regular ZOOM meetings and online events and communications. Janet’s background in organizing events no doubt helped the Croton Seniors organization remain intact throughout this challenging period.
Janet, a former Cryptographer in the Women’s Army Corps during the Vietnam War, is also an active member of the Fox/Eklof Post 505 of the American Legion in Croton. In that capacity she has been a regular speaker at the Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day ceremonies held in the Village. Janet’s “talks” always add an interesting anecdote and insight to the ceremony of the day bringing home its importance locally. Janet also organizes and promotes a monthly food drive held at the Municipal Building to benefit the Veterans at the VA facility in Montrose.
Janet is also a member of the Croton Caring Committee and an active member and volunteer of Croton’s Asbury Methodist Church. Janet is a champion of encouraging more participation. She was, and is, interested in the challenges of interpersonal connections among family and friends during the COVID and post-COVID world. She is always looking for new ways to connect. As such, Janet was one of two seniors who participated with local high school students in an Innovation Challenge focused on building intergenerational connections in the post-COVID world.

Congratulations, Janet, on your well-deserved recognition and nomination to the Senior Hall of Fame.

Ann Gallelli, Trustee

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