Ann Gallelli: Thank You & Welcome

To the Editor,ann2016

This week is a time of transition for the Village Board. While we say good bye and thank you to Trustee Ian Murtaugh, we welcome newly elected Trustee Andy Simmons.  

Ian answered the request for his services when he agreed to return to the Trustee position to fill Trustee Pugh’s position after his election to Mayor.   As a former Trustee, Ian was able to jump right into the position and be an informed Trustee from day one. Ian’s thoughtful consideration and reasoned positions on the multitude of issues in front of the Board contributed greatly to our discourse.  As a life long Village resident and regular participant in Village life, he was, and will continue to be, looking out for our residents’ interests. Thank you, Ian, for finding the time to return to the Board for the past year.

Our newly elected Trustee, Andy Simmons, is a wonderful addition to our Board.  As a resident of many years, Andy has some clear ideas about Croton’s strengths and why we all like living here.  His goal to enhance these Village qualities is consistent with those of the entire Board of Trustees in building and maintaining quality of life in the Village. Thank you for running Andy.

I am both happy and proud to have been returned to Board as well and look forward to serving with Brian, Andy, Sherry and Amy going forward.  


Ann Gallelli

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