Brian Pugh: Croton is not an Island.

To the Editor:

The Westchester County government headquartered in White Plains has power over key issues affecting our community and is an important partner with the Village in many areas–from the prosecution of crime to the management of the large county parks located in the Village (Croton Point Park) and next to it (Croton Gorge Park).
That’s why I am proud that Mayor Schmidt appointed himself and me as liaisons to the County government at the start of my latest term as Village Trustee.  As liaison, I have tried to keep abreast of pending legislation before the county–and I think it’s important that our Village is aware of the following bills (the full text can be viewed at
  1. Proposed Act 9928 adopting the Immigrant Protection Act
  2. Proposed Chapter 685 providing paid sick leave for certain employees.
  3. Proposed Chapter 538 establishing a Pharmaceutical Product Stewardship Program.
  4. Proposed Act 9614 Prohibiting the sale and possession of synthetic drugs.
However you feel about any of these issues, they all have an impact on our community.  Croton is a peninsula, not an island, and what happens in the halls of county government ripples out to the local level.
Unlike Washington, DC, though, the County is much closer to us in terms of representation and response. As Croton residents, we are also uniquely privileged to be represented in the County legislature by Catherine Borgia, who is also the legislature’s majority leader.
Therefore, I hope that our Village, its government and its citizens, stay informed about what’s happening at the County-level and weigh in on the issues that matter to us.
Brian Pugh

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