Brian Pugh: Savings for Senior Citizens

Dear Neighbors:

Keeping housing affordable is a key objective of our Village of Croton-on-Hudson’s Board of Trustees. That’s why we adopted a resolution expanding eligibility for the senior tax exemption.

Previously, the village maintained a senior tax exemption at the maximum level of 50% for those senior citizens earning $29,000/year or less. Under the new threshold, the maximum income level is raised to $50,000.

Seniors must apply annually for this exemption to ensure their income remains within the eligible range. This year, 35 properties have applied for and received the senior tax exemption.

Based on an analysis of census data, the Village staff estimate for the number of new eligible households will be between 25 and 46.

The cost of living crisis continues to affect us all. Its impacts are particularly acute on those with limited incomes, especially senior citizens. The Board of Trustees will continue to do what we can with the resources available to us to mitigate the impact of these challenging economic times on our community.


Brian Pugh

Croton-on-Hudson, Mayor

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