Len Simon: Washington Engine Co. To Get Solar Roof

Dear Neighbors:
Big changes are coming to the top of Croton’s Washington Engine Company firehouse– the roof, that is!
Installing solar arrays on our Village-owned property is a good way for us to reduce our electric bills, while at the same time cutting our greenhouse gas emissions. And with rising electric utility rates, now’s the smart time to do it.
We are very proud of the solar roof at our Department of Public Works (DPW) building installed two years ago. And we’ll soon welcome a new solar array at the Croton-Harmon Train Station parking lot, where installation will begin this fall. Now we are very pleased that our next public solar project will be on the rooftop of the Washington Engine Company at 81 North Riverside.
On Monday evening our Board of Trustees authorized the Village Manager to award a contract for $100,526 to the Croton Energy Group (CEG) for this project. CEG will be responsible for design, engineering, permitting, installation, testing, operation, maintenance, repair and management of the solar system. The rooftop array will generate 42.166 kWh, and save $4,589 in electric costs in year one, and an estimated $200,109 over the project’s 30 year life. All the energy generated by the solar system will be used by the Village. The Village’s Request for Proposal and the response from CEG can be viewed on our June 6th Board Agenda at https://play.champds.com/crotononhudsonny/event/774
The Village has received grant funding from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to cover the cost of this project. Our Sustainability Committee, chaired by Lindsay Audin, developed the project, worked to obtain the funding from NYSERDA, oversaw the bid process, and, with our DPW Superintendent Frank Balbi, reviewed the bid received. The Sustainability Committee continues to lead Croton towards a better energy future, and we are grateful for their efforts.
The installation of this new solar roof at the Washington Engine Company follows in their tradition of 130 of service to our community. Washington Engine Company President Joe Streany worked very effectively with the Sustainability Committee to make this project possible. And this new solar roof is a good example of the progress within the Department which Fire Chief John Munson encourages and promotes. All of Croton should be appreciative of their leadership.

Solar on the roof of the Washington Engine Company means a brighter day for Croton in so many ways.

Len Simon, Trustee
Village of Croton-on-Hudson

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