Ann Gallelli: Croton-on-Hudson Adopts Zoning Code Amendment Re: Cannabis Dispensaries

Dear Neighbors,

At the Board of Trustees meeting  of May 16th, the Board completed action on its proposed zoning amendment pertaining to the sale of cannabis within the Village.  

New York State law now allows the sale of cannabis.  The NYS law includes many restrictions on stores selling cannabis including restrictions on the location of any such dispensary.  Under the NYS law, a retail cannabis shop cannot be within 500 ft of school grounds (this includes nursery schools) and 200 ft of Houses of Worship.  In the Village, this restriction precludes a large swath of our business areas from being locations for cannabis dispensaries.

The Village Board approved an amendment to our zoning code which adds a further restriction that prohibits a cannabis store from locating within 500 ft of an existing cannabis dispensary.  This zoning prohibition applies to all the Village’s Commercially zoned areas.  

Ann Gallelli, Deputy Mayor

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