2022 Candidates

Ann Gallelli for Croton Village Trustee

Ann Gallelli brings experience, expertise, and intelligence to the position of Village Trustee. As a founding member of the Local Waterfront Revitalization Committee, she helped write the rules that guide long- and short-range planning in the Village, which provided the winning argument in the fight to stop the Millennium Pipeline. As Planning Board Chair under Mayor Elliott, she helped acquire the Croton Landing property and strengthen Village environmental laws. From 1998 to 2008, she chaired the Comprehensive Plan Committee, which produced the 2003 Comprehensive Plan, establishing Village goals for the future, new zoning laws and new gateway districts for the commercially-zoned entrances to the Village.

As a Trustee, Ann brought together interested residents to form the Harmon Economic Development Committee. Their recommendations, as ultimately approved by the Village Board, have resulted in the revitalized Harmon business area we see today. In the past two years, Ann has liaised with the Police Task Force Committee during their preparation of the Police Reform Plan adopted in 2021. Additionally, with Trustee Simon, Ann has worked to enable businesses to deal better with the ravages of the pandemic. Apart from these many accomplishments, Ann’s work has set a direction for the Village for the years to come.

Len Simon for Croton Village Trustee

A native New Yorker and graduate of Westchester public schools, Len built a successful career in Washington DC helping local governments. Returning home so he and his wife Linda could be near their grown children, Len continued his passion for public service on the Village Zoning Board and Sustainability Committee, becoming a Temple Israel Trustee, a FDR Presidential Library Docent and a Croton Rotary member.

Following election in 2020, and working with Board colleagues, Len fought to maintain Croton’s essential services during COVID. He advocated for new Village housing so young workers, empty nesters and those in between have affordable choices. Len is proud to have helped make Croton more sustainable with balanced regulation of gas-powered leaf blowers, the forthcoming Train Station Solar and new rules for fireworks. He has worked with Police, Fire and EMS for first-rate public safety. Len champions collaboration, inviting residents to the table with Village government to get us the best results. For the future, Len wants a safe Croton continuing to innovate, with existing and new businesses succeeding and enhanced sustainability for all. He’ll pursue these goals with fellow Trustees, regional neighbors, federal and state partners, and most importantly, you! Len knows working together will make us even more proud to call Croton home.