Len Simon: Make Your Voices Heard at an Upcoming Public Hearing

Dear Neighbors:

The wall behind our Board of Trustees dais prominently features a signed print of one of the great Norman Rockwell’s most famous paintings – “Freedom of Speech”. It is a compelling portrait of a citizen making his case on an important issue at a municipal government public hearing.

That wonderful work of art is always inspiring. But it also reminds us that all of Croton is needed and should feel welcome in front of our speaker’s podium and microphone – especially at public hearings.

Public hearings are one of the best ways for residents of any community to let their elected officials know exactly how they feel about pending legislation being considered — and, if they wish to do so, propose improvements!

Very often our formal action on new local laws will follow these public hearings. For example, at our Board session on Monday evening, we held a public hearing on a proposed local law to prohibit on-site cannabis consumption establishments within the Village. Following the hearing, we adopted that law.

Fortunately for Croton, there are multiple opportunities in the next month for everyone interested to let us know how they feel about some very important issues:

(1) On October 4th we will have a public hearing on a proposed local law to strengthen our Village regulation and public notification requirements for fireworks;

(2) On that same day, we will also have a public hearing on a proposed local law to adjust the time frame for consideration of applications by our Planning Board concerning wetlands;

(3) On October 18th, we will have a public hearing on a proposed local law to place new time constraints on the use of gas-powered leaf blowers in the Village; and

(4) Also on October 18th we will have a public hearing on the request by the Hudson National Golf Course to use a portion of its property for solar energy.

More information and background on each one of these public hearings can be found in the agenda for our September 20th Board of Trustees meeting at https://play.champds.com/crotononhudsonny/event/37. All of the hearings will occur during Board meetings which begin at 7:00pm in the Georgiana Grant Meeting Room of our Stanley H. Kellerhouse Municipal Building.

Thanks, Croton – we look forward to hearing from all of you who are interested in these topics at the public hearings in the month ahead.

Len Simon, Trustee
Village of Croton-on-Hudson

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