Richard Masur: Voters Should Reject Rebranded Trumpism

Dear Neighbors:

There were two related and equally disturbing items in The Gazette that should serve as a wake-up call to our community. The first was a cover article “State GOP Fund-raiser in Briarcliff Nets $1 Million-plus”. The second was a Letter to the Editor by Mr. David Bluestein, on page 3, warning that “Cortlandt United” is merely a rebranded Republican line for this November election.

In his letter, Mr. Bluestein shines a light on the fact that “Cortlandt United” is an attempt by Republicans to obscure their true identity. He also reported about photos that Laura Abate Ryan, Republican candidate for Cortlandt Supervisor, proudly posted on social media, showing herself at Donald Trump’s Briarcliff rally. Ms. Ryan seems to identify herself as Trump’s loyal acolyte – a supporter of his ideas, ideals, and agenda. This is seems also to be true of other “Cortlandt United” candidates for Councilman and Receiver of Taxes, who attended the event and boast of their loyalty to the disgraced former President.

The Gazette article quotes the State Republican Chairman as stating: “The event was a record breaking success” due to “…incredible love for President Trump”. The Trump supporters that attended his rally are far to the right of the vast majority of voters in our region. They cling to the lies that the election was a fraud, that Trump is President, that Covid is a hoax, and that vaccines are dangerous. As Mr. Bluestein points out, in light of January 6th and it’s on-going aftermath, this should be frightening to all of us, Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike.

So, please spread the word. We see Ms. Ryan and her fellow Trumpist “Cortlandt United” candidates for what they are: out of step, aggressively pursuing an ideology that the voters of this nation, this town and this village soundly rejected. Please pay attention and don’t be fooled, Cortlandt and Croton voters. Vote Democratic on November 2nd.

Richard Masur
Chair, Croton Democratic Committee

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