Len Simon: Moving Croton Forward on Sustainability Projects

Dear Neighbors:

There’s good news to report this summer when it comes to Croton’s future sustainability.

As many of you know, the Village has entered into a lease agreement with Sol Systems of Washington, DC for the installation of solar canopies at the Croton-Harmon Train Station parking lot. Last week our Planning Board reviewed the Special Permit application needed for this project to be implemented and recommended granting it, with some suggested improvements. Soon our Zoning Board will consider a small variance  the project will require. Monday evening was another important step in the process when our Board of Trustees held a public hearing  which included a briefing on the project by Sol Systems.

The benefits to Croton from this project, if implemented,  will be immense.  A portion of the  energy generated from the 8,910 solar panels to be installed will be available to Croton residents. In addition,  the Village will receive significant annual revenue from the lease agreement. So from renewable energy and fiscal perspectives, solar canopies at our train station makes  sustainable sense. 

There’s more. At our Board meeting Monday we also adopted a resolution affirming that we had  secured the necessary points in NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Community (CEC) program competition to qualify for $110,000 in grants and authorizing the Mayor to inform  NYSERDA how the Village would use such funds.  After considerable analysis, our Sustainability Committee chose worthy projects to comply with CEC grant requirements –  the installation of solar panels and heating controls at the Washington Engine firehouse, and a heat pump water heater at the Municipal Building.  Happily,  no match from the Village is required.

We are all grateful to our Sustainability Committee,  ably chaired by Lindsay Audin, for its efforts on the train station solar canopy and the CEC funding. And I know the Committee is not stopping now – future projects to benefit the Village are on their way!

This sustainability good news this summer is a great example of progress being made by hard work and collaboration benefitting all of Croton. 

Len Simon, Trustee

Village of Croton-on-Hudson

*This Letter to the Editor appeared in the August 19th issue of The Gazette.*

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