Len Simon: Happy Electric Vehicle Week!

To the Editor:

A great football coach used to say “The Future Is Now”! That’s good advice for Croton as we all take a close look at electric vehicles.

Our own Croton 100 is helping to lead the way. They sponsored Celebrate National Drive Electric Week last weekend at Vassallo Park on Saturday and Senasqua Park on Sunday where Croton could meet the owners of electric vehicles (EV) and see several models on display.

EVs will be important as we head towards a zero-emissions vehicle standard.

Fourteen states have already adopted zero-emission vehicles laws. Last week Governor Gavin Newsom of California required by Executive Order that all new cars and passenger trucks sales be zero-emission by 2035.

And last Friday our Senator Pete Harckham introduced legislation, requiring all in-state sales of new cars and trucks to be zero emissions by 2035 and medium and heavy-duty trucks by 2045. So when it comes to zero-emissions vehicles, the future will be here before we know it!

Fortunately here at home, there are dedicated folks working hard to get us to that goal, including Croton 100. Trustee Andy Simmon’s recent excellent letter in the Gazette outlined the cash rebates and incentives available for purchase of an EV, which added up to a potential of $12,000 total savings off MSRP for the local purchase of a Nissan Leaf.

Trustee Simmons also summarized all the operational savings resulting from EV ownership.

Mayor Brian Pugh also reported in last week’s Gazette that our Village has achieved a Silver Climate Smart rating from the Department of Environmental
Conservation thanks to our Sustainability Committee, led by Lindsay Audin. The Village has also been replacing older fleet vehicles with electric ones through attrition. That transition to EVs will continue over time, and eventually include trucks, once manufacturers start producing EVs matching the Village’s needs.

Future Croton will be filled with EVs of all kinds. Croton 100, the Sustainability Committee, our Village government and our whole community working towards that common purpose will get us there. It’s going to be a great trip – I’m glad to be along for the ride!

Len Simon
Democratic Candidate
Croton Board of Trustees

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