Andy Simmons: Vote for Len Simon for Village Trustee

To the Editor

The hallmark of a good public servant is the ability to listen, to communicate, to understand both sides of an argument. Not everyone is blessed with such qualities. Len Simon is. That’s why I’m so happy he’s running for Croton Village Trustee.

I’ve known Len now for a few years, and he will gladly sit down with anyone to discuss the issues that are important to Croton. Better yet, he actually knows what he’s talking about. As an adviser to local governments, he’s spent decades helping small villages and towns negotiate through both boom times and busts—both of which bring their own set of unique problems. That means Len would begin his tenure with more knowledge about what works and what doesn’t than most government officials.

Len is also a devoted Crotonite, having joined the fire department and the zoning board. Adding an interesting wrinkle to his resume, Len, a presidential history buff, volunteers as a docent at FDR’s Hyde Park. He’s a man of intellect, kindness, and decency.

But again, what I like most about Len is his ability to listen. He will hear you out. He will craft compromises. He will always do what he feels best for Croton and his neighbors.

Andy Simmons

Village of Croton Trustee

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