Len Simon: Diversity & Inclusion

Len Simon, Democratic Candidate for Village Trustee

Dear Neighbors:

A characteristic I admire very much among my Croton friends and neighbors is their willingness to take up significant challenges and work collaboratively towards meaningful solutions.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee, headed by Andy Finkelstein,  is a good example of that process at work.

The  Committee itself is best qualified to discuss with Croton its goals and objectives and plans for achieving them. But I’d like to say just a few words of thanks to the Committee

for hosting a discussion group earlier this week where participants had the opportunity to engage in conversation on issues which are important to address not only here in Croton, but in every community across the country. I was very grateful to be invited to be part of that discussion.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, we know we can do more and better here at home. But from observing similar efforts undertaken in communities I’ve worked with professionally across the country, it seems to me that Croton is not only headed in the right direction, but is also off to a very good start.  And while these issues may have the potential to divide people in some places, I predict that here in Croton, by addressing them
and seeking common ground and understanding, we can actually be brought closer together.

As just one voice among many,  I look forward to these efforts continuing and welcome the good ideas and results which will make us a stronger and better Croton.

Len Simon

Democratic Candidate

Croton Board of Trustees

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