Rick Olver: C’mon, Croton United, really?

olver2C’mon, Croton United, really?  You keep beating that tired old drum, falsely claiming extreme Democratic fiscal irresponsibility.  The latest post claims “even Bernie Madoff’s accountant would know better” than our excellent, non-partisan Village Manager.

You point to Croton Point Avenue cost overruns, the “disappearance” of the Gouveia Park endowment, and the ballooning cost of the DPW building.  Here are the facts:

  1. New York State increased its contribution to the Croton Point Avenue project so Crotonites don’t pay more.
  2. The Gouevia endowment still has plenty of money.
  3. The new DPW building was a Croton United administration initiative.

The Village is actually in strong financial shape, closing Fiscal Year 2019-20 at the end of this June with a surplus, despite the fact that Q4 (April-June 2020) included the unprecedented and totally unexpected COVID-19 lockdown that hammered sales tax and parking lot revenues.

We have plenty of severe problems right now.  In such times, why does Croton United insist on making personal insults and distorted claims?  You haven’t run candidates since 2017.  If you have an alternative, give the people a choice. That would be much more productive than exaggerated sniping.


Rick Olver

Former Croton Trustee

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