Ann Gallelli: Decoding Village Agendas No. 471

ann2016Dear neighbor, Here is the 471st installment of Decoding Village Agendas to keep Croton residents informed of the actions of the Village Board at their meetings.  I continue to add recipients to this email update on agendas so you may be receiving it for the first time. I enjoy getting your feedback and hope to continue to hear from you.  If you do not wish to receive these periodic email updates from me, please reply to this email and your name will be removed from the email list.

Ann Gallelli

Decoding Village Agendas –   December 9, 2019

Work Session of the Village Board

7: 30 p.m.

 (Open to Public and Televised


  1. The Board of Trustees will meet with the Village Attorney for an Advice of Counsel session.
  2. Presentation of the 2018-19 Village Audit by Alan Kassey of PKF O’Connor Davies.  The Trustees will review the report provided by the Auditor and go over the specifics of the various Village funds.  Some of the highlights of the report include that the General Fund completed the fiscal year 2019 with a fund balance totaling $7,972,556, an increase of $231,243.  The unassigned fund balance increased $447,393 to $5,602,091.  This was despite the utilization of $607,603 of unassigned fund balance to offset capital project expenses.
  3. Review of budget for the Croton Point Avenue Traffic, Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Project and presentation of plans.  Bids are due to be received on the revised project.  The manager will present and discuss the project budget including funds already spent and funds available.  The Board will have the opportunity to review the final plans that were put out to bid.
  4. Review of proposal for security enhancements at the Municipal Building.  The Board will discuss a proposal for security cameras being installed at the Municipal Building. The cost, as proposed, would be $27,675.
  5. Further discussion on the recreational kayak program located at the Echo Canoe Launch.  The Recreation Advisory Committee has reviewed the kayak contract and made recommendations to the Board.  The RAC recommends renewal but shortening a renewal contract to 3 years with yearly increases. It also recommends an increase in the fee paid by the rental company for use of the storage area for their kayaks.
  6. Discussion of a potential spring event in the Upper Village.

The Board will discuss the parameters they would require for such an event, such as day of the week, covering Overtime Costs, hours of operation, conflicts with other events, etc.

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