Ann Gallelli: Decoding Village Agendas No. 466

ann2016Dear neighbor, Here is the 466th installment of Decoding Village Agendas to keep Croton residents informed of the actions of the Village Board at their meetings.  I continue to add recipients to this email update on agendas so you may be receiving it for the first time. I enjoy getting your feedback and hope to continue to hear from you.  If you do not wish to receive these periodic email updates from me, please reply to this email and your name will be removed from the email list.

Ann Gallelli

Decoding Village Agendas –   October 18, 2019

Work Session of the Village Board

7: 30 p.m.

 (Open to Public and Televised



  1. Village Board of Trustees will enter into an Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter pertaining to a particular individual.
  2.  Discussion on request for driveway ROW over Village parcel on Harrison Street.  The owner of 41 Harrison Street would like to accommodate two cars on an addition to an existing driveway which already has an easement over the Village ROW.  The Village Engineer is recommending favorably on this request as it would provide more on street parking in an area that needs it and would ease snow plowing in the winter. If the Board is favorable, he also recommends that all future maintenance responsibility be that of the property owner, that the existing driveway portion be repaved, and that an infiltration system be installed to handle any drainage issues.
  3. Update on Piney Point Construction Projects.   The Manager and Engineer will update the Board on the status of the two lots on Piney Point for which there are partial stop work orders, both of which are currently before the Planning Board for revised plans.
  4. Review of Proposal for Annual Manager Evaluation Process.   The position of Village Manager requires that an evaluation process be put in place.  The Board has reached out to local resident, Len Simon, who has considerable experience in developing professional evaluations, and the process for performing such, for Municipal government Managers and other personnel.  Based on many sample evaluations from professional associations such as the ICMA, and with consultation with a subcommittee of Board members Olver and Gallelli, as well as with the Village Manager, Mr. Simon has developed a proposal for putting the Manager Evaluation process in place.   The Board will discuss the proposal.

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