Brian Pugh: Remembering our first-responders on 9/11

Dear Neighbors:

This week we remember the 18th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in American history. We should never forget the individuals who did not make it home that day and the thousands more who have perished due to 9/11 related illnesses in recent years.

The heroic actions of first-responders that day and every day are truly inspiring.  Few of the firefighters, police or ambulance crews could have imagined the full extent of the disaster that they would be responding to that day. They heard the call and they answered it.

Our local law enforcement and first-responders, whether volunteer or professional, are the same.  They too stand at the ready to answer the call, no matter how grave.

As Mayor, I firmly believe we need to give our first-responders the tools and training they need to face contemporary threats to public safety.  The Board of Trustees, the Village administration and I will work continuously to give those protecting our community the support they deserve.


Brian Pugh

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