Rick Olver: There they go again!

Image result for "rick olver" crotonSigh, Croton United is at it again – no candidates, no proposals, just accusations based on…..made-up stuff.  Last week a letter in the Gazette claimed that on climate change the “only near-term actions being taken in Croton” by the Board “are ones which will make matters worse”.  The basis for this wild claim?  The writer says our Board has proposed “rezoning to increase apartment density in the very area which is going to be most impacted by the rising waters.”   The facts?  There is no Board proposal.
What the Board is actually doing on climate change covers many initiatives, including a growing array of measures to promote energy savings and efficiency, and to increase the use of renewables.  And we are constantly examining more steps we can and should take.
Rick Olver, Village Trustee

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