Brian Pugh: Reviewing Residency Rules for Village Parks

Dear Neighbors:brian-pugh-group-cropped

Under the current Village Code only residents may visit Village of Croton parks (with the exception of Croton Landing Park, Manes Field, and Fireman’s Field).
At the televised July 8th Work Session, the Board of Trustees began discussing adding to the list of parks where the residency requirement does not apply. HOWEVER, the Board is committed to keeping Silver Lake for residents only. Due to Silver Lake’s small size and popularity, the Board and I are in agreement that access to Silver Lake must be limited.
The Board does not make amendments to the Village Code lightly (some local laws have spent years being discussed and revised before adoption). We will engage in a deliberative process before making any changes to the residency rules for village parks.
Before we make any changes regarding the residency requirement, we will first seek the opinion of the Recreation Advisory Committee and relevant Village Departments. Any vote by the Board will only come after a public hearing, which will be duly noticed in these pages.
Brian Pugh, Mayor

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