Sherry Horowitz: Croton is a Village where voices do count

sherry2017This past week, 3 important Village-wide meetings were held in Croton, and all of them were very well attended.  The first one was a continuation of the Village discussion on the future development, if any, in both the Municipal Place and North Riverside Gateway areas.  The second one was a Listening Session organized by the recently created Village Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. The third was the Care for Creation’s program featuring a film about climate change, “Paris to Pittsburgh”, which was followed by a group discussion.

I thought all 3 meetings were informative, and I was heartened by the obvious interest and enthusiasm of the participants.  I was also gratified to see that so many of my friends and neighbors came out to listen, to learn, and to add their voices to the communal conversations that will help to determine future action. The issues that are being discussed in the Village will affect all of us, and I believe it is right and good that (1) we are given the opportunity to participate and (2) that so many folks are availing themselves of the chance to be heard.

In my opinion, Croton is a Village where voices do count.  Our input as citizens is critical to the creation of the kind of community we want to live in, now and in the future. Please continue to participate, to write letters, to attend meetings, to organize and to advocate.

The future is ours!

Sincerely, Sherry Horowitz, Trustee, Village Board

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