Olver: Conspiracy Theories Discourage Substantive Discussion

Dear Neighbors:Image result for rick olver croton

Croton United, there is no secret Village Board plan for Croton redevelopment. There is no interested developer, and there has been no secret Board discussion about any deal. There is no precooked agenda. As anyone who watches Village Board meetings can see, we Democrats often disagree among ourselves.

Now Roseann Schuyler has written a letter insinuating some kind of malfeasance by the Village Clerk in response to her rush FOIL request. The Village follows the law on FOIL. The staff are busy and can’t guarantee responses early. As an attorney, Roseanne should know to time her FOIL requests accordingly.

We hear endless, baseless conspiracy theory rhetoric from Croton United around the North Riverside Avenue/Municipal Place zoning study. By constantly claiming there must be a secret plan, you’re only discouraging residents from making substantive inputs to the public discussion.

Richard “Rick” Olver, Trustee

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