Andy Simmons: Resources for Clean Energy Projects–Save Money for your Home

simmons2018Dear Neighbors:

Over the years, the Village of Croton has sought to empower residents to make their homes more energy efficient. That’s why I’m excited that the Care for Creation Ministry is presenting “Resources for Clean Energy Projects: Save Money for your Home,” this Sunday, June 9, at 3 PM at Holy Name of Mary. The conversation will be led by Collin Adkins, a Community Energy Advisor with Cornell Cooperative Extension, Dutchess County.

Mr. Adkins, at the Mayor’s invitation, has already held a seminar on energy savings with the Croton seniors. In this latest visit, he will introduce more residents, small-businesses, and non-profits to programs, tools, and incentives that can help save money and reduce pollution by shrinking energy consumption. Kudos to the Care for Creation Ministry for having the foresight to organize this important event.

For more information on how you can make your home more efficient contact Collin Adkins directly at or attend the talk Sunday.

Andy Simmons

Croton Village Trustee

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