Andy Simmons: When Silence Is Golden

Dear Neighbors:simmons2018.PNG

I generally do not read Paul Steinberg’s letters. In the past, when I’ve tried to get through his rambling, fact-twisting, bile-fueled letters, I could sense my brain cells on a lemming-like march to leap out of my skull and drown themselves in the Hudson. I only read his latest letter to the editor because a fellow gossip said Mr. Steinberg had called me “taciturn,” as if it were an insult. If only other members of our community were as closed-mouth as me life in Croton would be far more pleasant.

In the past, Mr. Steinberg has had to be corrected about the plastic bag initiative, Gouveia Park, a thousand apartments coming to Croton any day, and now, with no proof whatsoever, Mr. Steinberg insists that the village board holds non-public executive sessions to plot how we’re going to divvy up the Katz property and the rest of Croton. After all, he says, why would we hold such meetings. This is a cheap attack because, as he well knows, I am not at liberty to explain what is discussed behind those closed doors. But I can say that they have had absolutely nothing to do with anything covered in the Gateway Zoning workshop. As far as I can recall, we’ve had four such meetings since I’ve been on the board. Two covered issues concerning a particular single-family home, one discussed a useless village-owned plot of land (not Katz!), and one meeting had nothing to do at all with property.

Mr. Steinberg also chastised me for offering to meet a constituent at the Black Cow regarding concerns she had about zoning. I see nothing wrong with one-on-one chats to answer any lingering questions—about zoning or otherwise, and that offer stands to everyone in Croton. If you prefer, email me at

I may or may not have answers, but I promise I’ll listen. As we know, I don’t talk much.

Andy Simmons, Trustee

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