Ann Gallelli: Intermunicipal Cooperation Makes It Happen!

Dear Neighbors,ann2016
This week the Village entered into two InterMunicipal Agreements (IMAs). An IMA is an agreement between municipal entities to do something together. Usually it involves sharing either services or responsibilities for the purpose of achieving a common end while saving money and other resources.
One of the IMAs was a renewal of the Village’s ability to use the Northern Tier Transfer Station on Roa Hook Road for another five years – to 2023. This allows us to take our recyclables to a nearby facility rather than haul them much further away. The transfer station facility benefits a group of municipalities known as the North Tier Communities including the Towns of Cortlandt, Yorktown and Ossining, and the Villages of Croton, Buchanan, Ossining, and the City of Peekskill.
The second IMA approved this week is between the Village and the Towns of Cortlandt and Ossining. It facilitates coordination of police patrols in the Croton Gorge Park Unique Area, an undeveloped area designated by NYS DEC. Over recent years, many safety concerns have been raised by users of this area on the Croton River as well as by adjoining property owners. The IMA provides that the three municipal entities will cooperate to keep the area safe and that they will meet regularly with each other to coordinate and evaluate such activities going forward.
These are just two of many IMAs that our Village regularly enters into for the benefit of our residents by providing a service that might otherwise not be obtainable or affordable by the Village alone.

Ann Gallelli

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