Rick Olver: Does Croton need a ‘state of the art’ PD HQ?

Image result for rick olverPeople ask me why we need a ‘state of the art’ police headquarters in Croton.  I tell them that we don’t and couldn’t afford one.  What we must have is a space that is adequate for our police to perform their primary functions and meet new state legal requirements.
The current space in the municipal building makes it hard to mobilize to respond to a major incident. It is also impossible to reconfigure it to separate juveniles, youths and adults, as required by NY’s ‘raise the age’ law. And it requires a dangerous mixing of prisoners and the public.
We are looking at preliminary concepts to expand and renovate police HQ within the Municipal building – the cheapest way to solve these problems.
Richard Olver
Croton Village Trustee

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