Ann Gallelli: Cooperation makes it happen!

To the Editor,ann2016

In the past two weeks, a problem with a drainage culvert on Albany Post Road was corrected.  While this may seem like a routine maintenance project, it is notable in that it resulted from cooperation and coordination between the Village’s DPW and the NYS DOT.  

In response to resident concerns about regular flooding on Albany Post Road following heavy rain, the Village Engineering Office reached out to the NYSDOT as Albany Post Road is a NYS road.  After examining the situation and extensive back and forth on whose responsibility it was, the Village DPW and the DOT were able to work together to solve the problem.

With input from our General foreman, the DPW came up with a workable solution. The DPW removed obstructions in the culvert and improved its flow.  They also added a new overflow pipe into an upstream pond. This all will reduce the potential for future flooding in this area.

For their part, the NYSDOT provided traffic protection, concrete protective barriers, the cover for the new drainage structure, and the final paving of the area.

Cooperation with other agencies in solving problems is a cost-effective way of sharing expertise, equipment, and manpower.  In this case, all who live or ride on Albany Post Road (Route 9A) in our Village will benefit. It is an example of how we all benefit from working together.   I hope we will see more of this continuing into the future.


Ann Gallelli, Deputy Mayor


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