Andy Simmons: Plant-a-Tree

To the Editor:simmons

Trees add shade, beauty, and value to home properties, and Croton is rightly proud of its beautiful foliage. But disease and storms have reduced the number of trees in Croton. That’s why the village is happy to announce its Plant-a-Tree program. Funding has been included in the upcoming budget to purchase new trees for residents to plant on their lawns. The trees will be provided, free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis to homeowners in locations where street trees have been removed or are missing. With advice from arborists, applicants will be able to choose one of six preselected species. Planting must occur within five to ten feet of the sidewalk/street, and each applicant must agree to provide care for the tree as needed. To apply for this program, please visit the Village website and click on “Online Forms”. The application period will open May 15 and continue until June 30 or when all the trees are claimed. For more information, please contact the Village Manager’s office at 271-4848 or

Andy Simmons

The writer is a Village Trustee

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