John Habib, Mayor Brian Pugh, Trustee Sherry Horowitz, and County Executive George Latimer, who has endorsed the slate. 

Incumbent Mayor Brian Pugh and Trustee Sherry Horowitz are Joined by Newcomer John Habib on the Democratic, Independence & Working Families Party Lines

CROTON-ON-HUDSON, NY– Mayor Brian Pugh, Trustee Sherry Horowitz and political newcomer John Habib, have won the support of the Democratic Party, Independence Party, and the Working Families Party. The Pugh-Horowitz-Habib slate filed nominating petitions last Tuesday. Party nominations became official on Monday, April 8th after no objections were made to their petitions.

Mayor Brian Pugh said, “Since joining the Board in 2014 and while serving as Mayor of the Village of Croton, I have worked with my colleagues to produce responsible budgets with tax increases averaging less than one percent–well below the tax cap and rate of inflation. This record of low taxes is delivered with balanced budgets and surpluses every year. At the same time, we’ve continued to make important investments in capital projects to move our village forward: improvements to our water system, new firefighting vehicles & equipment, and repairs to our roads. We owe it to our local property taxpayers to be mindful of the property tax burden, while still investing in infrastructure, green energy goals, programs for senior citizens, and village recreation that thinks toward the future.”

Trustee Sherry Horowitz said, “I am honored to be endorsed by the Democratic Party, the Working Families Party and the Independence Party. As a teacher of young children, I am committed to creating and pursuing environmentally friendly initiatives in the Village. It has been my great good fortune to work alongside Mayor Pugh, the Board of Trustees and the Sustainability Committee to bring affordable electricity from 100% renewable sources to Croton residents through the Community Choice Aggregation program, to begin the gradual electrification of our municipal vehicle fleet, to provide local charging stations, to promote solar energy and energy efficiency through the Solarize and Energize campaigns and to embark on a food waste pilot program for the village.”

Newcomer Trustee candidate John Habib said, “I grew up in the Village of Croton, and I am impressed by the many positive changes that have taken place here over the years since my family first moved here. Many of these improvements have been the result of initiatives spearheaded by the Croton Democrats such as Croton Landing, Gouveia Park, and the purchase of the Croton-Harmon train station parking lot by former Democratic Mayor Robert Elliottt which eases the burden on local property taxpayers by generating substantial revenue for the village each year. I look forward to contributing to that progress and using my experience with the American Chamber of Commerce to support Croton’s local business growth. Mayor Brian Pugh, Trustee Sherry Horowitz and I love the Village of Croton, and I look forward to working with them as we move the village forward.”

Mayor Brian Pugh is seeking a 2nd term having first been elected in 2017 and previously served as a Trustee since 2014.  Pugh is a labor lawyer and a native of the Village of Croton.

Trustee Sherry Horowitz, is also running for a 2nd term, having first been elected in 2017. Horowitz is a longtime resident and small business owner in Croton who founded and directs the Childrenspace preschool, an well-known institution  in the village for 40 years.

John Habib, a first time candidate, is running for Village Trustee. Habib and his wife own and operate a law firm on Riverside Avenue. Previously, he served as Chairman and Board Member for U.S. and Foreign Trade Associations/Chambers of Commerce.

The Croton Democrats are longtime proponents of responsible budgeting, environmental sustainability, and open government. They have overcome the resistance of opposing political parties in Croton to: purchase the Croton-Harmon train station parking, which is now the village’s second largest source of revenue after property taxes; develop the Hudson River waterfront and create Croton Landing, a village focal point for recreational and community activities; and promote mixed-use development in the Harmon area, giving small business owners the opportunity to create new revenue streams with the addition of rental apartments. Since their founding, the Croton Democrats have operated under the firm belief that government, with the active support of the community, can be a powerful force for good. The agenda pursued by the Democrats, which is one of progressive values guided by fiscal responsibility, reflects that conviction.

John Habib, Mayor Brian Pugh, Trustee Sherry Horowitz, and County Executive George Latimer, who has endorsed the slate. 

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