Brian Pugh: Balancing Budget Priorities

The Editor:brian-pugh-group-cropped

Last week the Board of Trustees for the Village of Croton began reviewing Tentative Budget for Fiscal Year 2019-2020.  The proposed tax levy is 1.09%, only about one half of the 2% property tax cap or $277,916 less than the allowable limit.

Since I joined the Village Board, I am happy to have supported four budgets below the tax cap.  Thanks to the conservative budgeting practices of our Village, these budgets have always been balanced and our Village has run a surplus.

In my first budget as Mayor, we succeeded in taking a proposed 1.85% increase in the tentative budget and reducing it to less than one half of a percent. The final adopted budget passed by the Village Board came in $170,000+ beneath the tax cap.

Keeping our Village affordable by keeping tax growth below the rate of inflation and under the tax cap remains a key priority.


Brian Pugh

Mayor, Village of Croton

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