Ann Gallelli: Decoding Village Agendas No. 434

ann2016Dear neighbor, Here is the 434th installment of Decoding Village Agendas to keep Croton residents informed of the actions of the Village Board at their meetings.  I continue to add recipients to this email update on agendas so you may be receiving it for the first time. I enjoy getting your feedback and hope to continue to hear from you.  If you do not wish to receive these periodic email updates from me, please reply to this email and your name will be removed from the email list.

Ann Gallelli



Decoding Village Agendas –   February 25, 2019

Work Session of the Village Board

7: 30 p.m.

 (Open to Public and Televised




  1. Discussion on a donation to the Village of underwater lands adjacent to Senasqua Park.  Steel Style Development Corp., owners of HMB Marina, have been working with the Village on the donation of 39+ underwater acres in the Hudson River between HMB and Senasqua Park.
  2. Discussion about proposed local law regulating solar installations within the Village.  The Board will discuss a draft law modeled after a NYS Solar law which covers solar installations that are roof and ground mounted and also includes provision for a Special  Use Permit for large-scale solar installations.
  3. Further discussion on a traffic study around the intersection of Grand Street and Old Post Road South.  At the request of the Bicycle Pedestrian Committee the Board authorized a RFP for professional services to examine the above intersection as follows: “review historical data, the examination of the area surrounding the intersection, traffic counts to determine the quantity of vehicles traveling through the intersection, an intersection capacity analysis, recommendations for intersection control, as well as a public meeting to present their findings”.  The Board will discuss its next step in this process of studying this intersection.
  4. Discussion with representatives from the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce on plans for Summerfest 2019.  The Board will discuss plans for this year’s Summerfest.  The Hudson Valley Chamber has indicated to the Village that its sponsoring and administration of the Village’s Summerfest is not profitable for them.  Currently the Village participates in coordinating this event through the participation of the Recreation, DPW and Police Departments.  The Chamber sends out requests for vendors, allocates spaces, provides advertising, and pays for the bands.
  5. Further discussion on Police Department expansion and relocation of Recreation Department offices.   The Board will further discuss the proposed relocation of the Recreation Dept. to the Gouveia Park house as part of, and in conjunction with, its examination of the planned renovation of the Police Department in the Municipal Building.  A determination on the relocation must be made before the finalizing of the Police renovation planning is done.   The Recreation Advisory Board has endorsed the move and a proposed list of programming that would utilize the site is included in the backup materials.

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