Rick Olver: Answering a Call to Service

To The Editor:rick-olver-croton-on-hudson.jpg

I am proud to have been appointed to our Village Board to serve out the remainder of this year’s term. I agreed because I’ve learned to say ‘yes’ when I’m asked to help. Our village government has been led and managed in a thoughtful and prudent manner, but the challenges we face seem ever more difficult. People are being priced out. Young people, old people and families with good middle class jobs can’t afford it here any more. I’ve discussed with Mayor Pugh the need to continue to encourage the careful development of mixed business and middle class housing to expand the tax base, revitalize our down towns, and take the tax pressure off of homeowners, so we can keep Croton a unique place where people don’t have to be rich to live in what’s been called “the best town in New York”!

Rick Olver, Trustee

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