Amy Attias: Thank you, Trustee Olver

To the editor:Sep. 14th LTEs -- AA


As many know, several weeks ago I had to make the tough decision to resign as Trustee in Croton. The decision was wrenching, but watching Rick Olver being sworn in Monday evening as the person taking the seat I vacated, made my heart and mind rest at ease.


Our community is so well served by Rick’s decision to answer the “call of duty” and to once again serve as Trustee. He has been in this position before, so there is no starting from square one. Rather, he is experienced, prepared, and ready to go.


And then for me, personally, knowing that Rick’s professional background both at the United Nations and as an immigration attorney, coincided with my own social and political values, took the sting out of disappointing people who may have voted for me. I believe that in many important regards, Rick and I would see eye to eye, and that he will be a valuable asset to the Village Board.


Croton is in such good hands. Thank you, Rick Olver, for saying yes to a request to serve us once again.


Amy Attias

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