Ann Gallelli: Renewing Your STAR Rebate

To the Editor,ann2016
In the past week, there have been articles in newspapers and on television reminding Seniors that they must renew their Enhanced STAR exemption to be eligible for it on the 2019 assessment roll.
Changes in NYS Law also require a new step in order to continue to receive that exemption this year and into the future. It is mandatory to submit a new form called the Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program (RP-425-IVP).
In the Town of Cortlandt, the Assessor’s Office administers this program. The deadline date is May 1, 2019 when the appropriate documents must be received by the Town Assessors office. If you are applying for Enhanced STAR for the first time, this date also applies.
All of this can be very confusing but doing it is very worthwhile. If you are eligible, the Enhanced STAR exemption can save you hundreds of dollars on your school taxes. Eligibility requires that your 2017 income must be $86,300 or less. Additionally, with the filing of the Income Verification Program application, you will not have to do this again in subsequent years.
To help answer questions and make it more convenient for Seniors to fill out the right documents and file them with the Town, the Village is taking the following steps:
We have requested that the Town Assessor make presentations and take questions at a Croton Seniors meeting and at a Croton Caring Committee occasion.
With the Town Assessor’s cooperation, a member of his staff will be available in the Croton Village Office on more than one occasion to accept the applications locally, thus saving a long trip up to the Town Offices.
Dates for the above occasions have not been finalized yet but they will be well-publicized once they are set.
We hope that providing this help will make the process of obtaining and/or renewing the Enhanced STAR exemption more understandable and less cumbersome. Look for more information on local dates and times in the near future. The phone number for the Town Assessor office is 734-1040.

Ann Gallelli

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