Richard Masur: Thank you!

Actor Richard Masur currently serves as chair of the Croton Democrats.Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Croton Democratic Committee I want to express our sincere congratulations and thanks to every one of the residents of the Village who voted in last Tuesday’s election. Exercising our right to vote is our most solemn responsibility as citizens and it was heartening to see such historic levels of participation by our fellow Croton residents.

Of course, we wish to express our particular thanks to all of you who saw fit to turn out and vote for the Croton Dems’ endorsed candidates, all of whom won. We were particularly grateful for the tireless efforts of our friends in the Village, especially the Cortlandt/Croton Indivisible group (CCoHope), who did such extraordinary work to support our friend and new State Senator, Pete Harckham. Pete waged decent, respectful, issue-driven campaigns in both the primary and general elections. We are lucky to have him as our new representative in the Senate.

Finally, we are thrilled to announce that, thanks to you, Andy Simmons will be the newest Trustee on the Village Board of Trustees. Returning to the Board will also be Trustee Ann Gallelli, who now has the distinction of being the highest vote-getter of any trustee in history. And congratulations to Sam Watkins, our Village Justice, the highest vote-getter ever… for any Village office. We are grateful that these folks have offered their service to Croton on Hudson.

Richard Masur,
Chair, Croton Democratic Committee

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