Ian Murtaugh: Gallelli+Simmons+Watkins=The Ticket for Croton!

To the Editor,Image result for ian murtaugh croton democrats

I write this letter in total support of the Gallelli/ Simmons/ Watkins ticket on Election Day. While I have known Judge Watkins a very long time, and only just recently met Andy Simmons my purpose here is to praise and support my dear colleague Ann Gallelli.

Almost ten years ago I was first elected to the Board of Trustees. It was then that I really got to know and respect Ann, who was already a legend for her ethics and tenacity. While it is true that this ticket faces no opposition, you need to be present on Election Day. Ann posesses an extraordinary institutional knowledge of our Village’s history and it’s zoning challenges and has a clear vision for our collective future; this needs to be shared with the newer members of the board.

I was a beneficiary of this knowledge and am a better person for it. Thank you Ann!
Ian Murtaugh
Village of Croton-on-Hudson

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