Amy Attias: Vote Ann Gallelli on Tuesday!

To the editor:Sep. 14th LTEs -- AA

I write in support of Ann Gallelli’s candidacy for another term as Trustee in Croton on Hudson. I myself am currently a Trustee and since I began running for that office I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Ann.

As a woman who has often been a mentor for others, when I made the decision to run for elected office I was looking for a mentor myself. Ann gave unstintingly of her time to help me learn about local issues, to navigate the experience of being a candidate, and to learn how to listen more than just advocate for my own position.

Ann’s deep knowledge of the history and background of issues, of the parties and players involved, combined with her generous spirit and wonderful sense of humor, all work to make her a force many look to when important decisions come up. Ann and I don’t agree on every issue – although we agree on many! – but I have been learning from Ann since I first met her many years ago, and continue to look to her example of giving, giving, and giving more, to the community she loves and has served for so long.

I look forward to Ann’s continued service as Trustee. We are all so lucky to have her.

Amy Attias

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