Ann Gallelli: Keeping You Informed

To the Editor,ann2016
Since last December, the Board of Trustees, along with Village management, has made a concerted effort to provide more and better communications with Village residents.
Last week, the Village unveiled a new, updated website. From this site, residents can more easily access online forms, news of job openings, the latest Newsletter, and recent news about Village government matters. A new feature is the inclusion of quarterly reports from every Village Department. Simply click on the department and select “Quarterly Reports” to find the report you are interested in. Residents are all urged to sign up for Emergency Alerts from the Village and to receive meeting agendas, field closings, recreation announcements, etc. All of these can easily be done from the front page of the new website.
In addition to the new website and addition of quarterly department reports, we have made efforts to expand our social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter. Since May, Facebook followers have increased by about 20%.
The Village Newsletter is also back to being monthly after a two-year hiatus and a new weekly calendar of events is put out each week to keep residents abreast of happenings around Croton. There are also numerous opportunities for you to provide comments and input from the site.
Informed and engaged residents are the goal for all these improvements. I urge everyone to take advantage of the information sources going forward.
Ann Gallelli

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