Andy Simmons: Creating More Housing Options for Our Community

To the editor,simmons

A number of months ago, the village board convened a well-attended meeting on housing in Croton. I sat next to a young single mother who shared with us her love for Croton. But she had a problem: her apartment was too small, and she was having trouble finding a larger place in the village that she could afford. It’s not surprising. According to, New York State is ranked 44th in housing cost. No wonder the state is ranked 47th in millennial homeownership. But this is not solely a problem for young families. Lack of affordable apartments impacts seniors who no longer want the hassle of owning a house but still wish to call Croton home. It is for these reasons that I support expanding housing in the area. Now, by no means am I talking about high rises or putting up Co-op City North. I favor small, discreet housing that conforms with the natural beauty of the area. What drew many of us to Croton was its economic diversity and the fact that you didn’t need to be wealthy to enjoy all that our wonderful community has to offer. But for Croton to continue that way, we must recognize the needs of seniors and people like the woman I met at that meeting. We should also welcome how a small infusion of housing and tenants will help local businesses and our tax base.

Andy Simmons, Croton-on-Hudson

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