Sherry Horowitz: Remembering Georgianna Grant

September 17, 2018sherry2017
Letter to the Editor
Last week, Michael Grant submitted a Letter to the Editor of the Gazette about his Mother, Georgianna Grant. I want to thank him for that.
What a wonderful gift, Michael, to share your Mother’s reflections on a long life well lived and thoroughly appreciated! The profound acceptance of her own joys and sorrows is a testament to our common humanity. If we eventually arrive at that level of wisdom and compassion, which, curiously, are one and the same thing, then the accumulation of years is indeed a blessing!
Georgianna was the first person I met in Croton; she sold me my first home on Sunset Drive. Over the many years since then, and the continuously evolving incarnations of our lives, I never lost my love and respect for her.
Thanks again, Michael for enriching our lives by sharing hers.
Sincerely, Sherry Horowitz

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