Andy Simmons: I want to be your Village Trustee

My name is Andy Simmons and I want to be your Village Trustee.simmons.PNG

After having grown up and lived in “the City”, my wife and I decided to move out when our rent-stabilized one-bedroom apartment grew smaller and smaller as our one-year-old daughter grew bigger and bigger. We began our search for a new home by looking at Hastings. Then Pelham. Then Irvington, Riverdale … we saw it all. Nothing felt right for us until we visited Croton. We were awed by the village’s natural beauty, charmed by the diversity of homes, and touched by the people we met.

Over the ensuing years, we learned what it was like to come to terms with a mortgage, car payments, daycare, and the money pit we called “Home”; we watched as our daughter went from toddler to young woman attending Croton Harmon High as an 11th grader; and we were embraced by the community. For the last 14 years, Croton has been my home and refuge. It’s time for me to give back. That’s why I’m proud to run for trustee as a Democrat.

Be it Croton Landing or the vast trails system, much of what I love about Croton was initiated by the Croton Democrats. I share their progressive attitudes toward the environment and housing, and appreciate that they’ve kept my taxes low because, well, I’m cheap.

For these reasons and more (which I will get into in future letters), I am excited to run for office. Thank you for your time.  

Andy Simmons



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