Ann Gallelli: Decoding Village Agendas No. 410

Dear neighbor, Here is the 410th installment of Decoding Village Agendas to keep Croton residents informed of the actions of the Village Board at their meetings.  I continue to add recipients to this email update on agendas so you may be receiving it for the first time. I enjoy getting your feedback and hope to continue to hear from you.  If you do not wish to receive these periodic email updates from me, please reply to this email and your name will be removed from the email list.

Ann Gallelli

Decoding Village Agendas –  July 9, 2018

Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees


8:00 pm

(Open to Public  – Televised)





Lindsay Audin, Chair of the Sustainability Committee, provides an update on Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).  Mr. Audin will talk about the upcoming  bidding on a new contract and how the Village might use this negotiation to require the successful bidder to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) which would result in government operations being carbon neutral.


PUBLIC HEARING: Public hearing on the special permit renewal of Smoke Town Discount, located at 50A Maple Street.    The Smoke Shop had a one-year special permit.  The Planning Board reviewed their application for renewal and found nothing different from a year ago when they recommended approval. They are recommending a one-year renewal.




  • Email from John Munson, Acting 1st Assistant Chief of the Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department, regarding the election for Acting 2nd Assistant Chief.   In a special election, Phil Dinkler was elected as Acting 2nd Assistant Chief through 2018.
  • Letter from Hollis Anzani, President of the Croton Caring Committee, announcing their new executive director.  Ms. Anzani announces that the Croton Caring Committee has selected Carrie Sena as their new Executive Director.  They look forward to meeting with the Village Board in the near future to discuss their plans.
  • Letter from Dr. Sandra Kolk and Mr. Michael Kolk regarding the special permit renewal at 50A Maple Street.  Dr. and Mr. Kolk write to express their opposition to the renewal of the special permit for the Smoke Shop.
  • Letter from Dr. Greg Schmidt, President of the Croton Rotary Club, requesting use of Lot F at the Croton-Harmon Train Station on September 23, 2018 for the annual Rotary Club Car Show.  The Rotary Club has held their car show in this location for many years and wish to utilize this area again.
  • Adopted Resolution from the Planning Board regarding an illegal retaining wall located on the property of 3 Arrowcrest Drive.   The Planning Board, as p art of its adoption of this resolution, required that it be sent to the Village Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Village Attorney and Village Prosecutor.  The resolution refers to long running efforts (since 2006) by the Board and the Village to resolve an unpermitted  wall of 15 feet or more at a private residence on Arrowcrest Drive.  The owner, approximately 4 years ago, sought a variance from the Zoning Board for this wall.  The Zoning Board, in turn, required that it’s variance would depend on the Planning Board determining that it was satisfied with the wall’s safety which, by this resolution, they have not found to be the case due to failure of the applicant to provide sufficient and satisfactory documentation.    The Village Board will need to determine how to move forward with this situation.






  • Consider adoption of a resolution to signify the intent of the Village to participate in the Waste/Recycling shared service program as proposed by Sustainable Westchester and described in the documentation submitted to the Board, subject to the final review of the service agreement.  This program would have the potential to save time for DPW staff in responding to waste and recycling calls.  Information for all 42 members of Sustainable Westchester would be available in one place. 




  • Consider approving the employment agreement between the Village and the Village Manager for a term of three years beginning August 11, 2018 and authorizing the Mayor to sign the agreement on behalf of the Board of Trustees.   The proposed three-year contract sets the salary at $170,000.




  • Consider authorizing the Village Manager to sign the proposal from Chazen Companies to complete design work for the Washington Engine roof replacement project in the amount of $9,870.00.   Chazen would produce the final design documents for this project so that it can bid.




  • Consider ratification of the signed proposal from WSG for a new VMware Server in the amount of $19,981.00.  The new server will address space and memory issues.





  • Consider authorizing the Village Manager to sign Amendment B to the New York State DOT Municipal Snow and Ice Agreement to provide for an index adjustment of $18,931.41 due to the severity of the 2017-18 winter.   The Village will be receiving $38,133.49 for its snow and ice removal instead of the original estimate of $19,202.08.




  • Consider authorizing the Village Manager to accept the proposal from Provident Design Engineering for an amount not to exceed $49,000.00 for construction services associated with the Croton-Harmon Train Station parking lot.  Provident has previously been engaged to do conceptual design documents.  This resolution would authorize them to perform final design drawings, necessary permitting documents, and construction documents for bidding purposes.  This work relates to the redevelopment of the current DPW location at the train station.




  1. Consider adoption of a resolution requesting the New York State Department of Environment Conservation modify the compressor station technology and emission regulations affecting natural gas infrastructure facilities.     The resolution which has been adopted by the Town of Cortlandt, Pleasantville and numerous other Westchester municipalities, calls for more stringent performance requirements by the NYSDEC for these facilities and enumerates over 12 steps which, if adopted, would further the safety and welfare of residents.  If adopted it would also be sent to the Governor, State Senator Murphy and State Assemblyperson Galef.


  • Consider authorizing the Village Manager to sign an agreement with Verizon New York Inc. to resolve any disputes regarding the Gross Receipts Tax up to March 31, 2018 in the amount of $4,000.00.  In 2016, the Village hired a consultant to determine if Verizon was complying with the Gross Receipts tax.  As a result, under this agreement, Verizon will be reimbursing the Village $4,000.



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