Brian Pugh: Help Beat The Heatwave With Energy Saving Tips

​​To The Editor:

With the first real heat wave of the summer, it’s worth reviewing what we as individuals can do to reduce energy consumption, avoid blackouts and brownouts and save money.

Keep blinds and curtains drawn to keep your home cool.
Avoid “vampire loads” by unplugging electronics when you are done.
Run major appliances (e.g. washing machines) in off-hours of the morning or evening.

These tips and more can be found on under the “Saving Energy & Money” tab.

If you are interested in a permanent boost to your home’s energy efficiency, please consider participating in the Energize program. When your home is not properly insulated you are wasting energy and money when using air conditioning on a hot day. Join your neighbors in making your home more energy efficient and comfortable. Energize NY​ ​arranges for free or reduced cost Home Energy Assessments, helps homeowners find a​ vetted​ energy efficiency contractor and guides them through the upgrade process.

​The Village has partnered with Energize for many years to help residents cut their energy consumption.​ ​​Energize has prevented ​over ​114,000 tons in CO2 emissions, resulted in annual energy savings of​ more than​ 731,125 kilowatt-hours (the typical US home consumes about 10,800 kWh annually) and saves homeowners millions of dollars a year in energy costs.

​Interested residents can​ learn more about Energize by visiting the Village Sustainability Committee’s website (​)​​ or reach out to Energize directly at 914-302-7300 ext. 8102 to discuss getting an energy audit for their home.​


Brian Pugh

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